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My Empowering Body.


I am incredibly thankful my amazing body. I find myself feeling shy speaking about my body but I know that’s only because society makes women feel like their bodies are only sexually amazing. That concept bothers me, so I’m going to talk freely about why my body is so amazing. It deserves at least that much. Sadly, I’ve never felt this way about my body before my pregnancy. I’ve never felt this thankful, or this intrigued towards my body. So I’ve decided to make a list of facts that amaze me most, especially due to pregnancy:

The fact that my uterus is literally the home of my child; protecting, supporting, preparing. The fact that there is a placenta inside of me, feeding nutrients to my growing child every time my heart beats. The fact that my heart is beating to support not only my body, but my baby’s body too. The fact that my skin is literally stretching as my organs move to make room for my expanding uterus. The fact that my body is preparing to make milk to feed an actual human being. The fact that my body was made to birth a life into this world. The fact that I, Sabrina, have a baby bump. And the most amazing fact of all, that God is in control of all of it.

It so funny to me that I’ve never cared for my body the way I do now. I’ve never seen it so beautiful, or respected it so much. Never, in my entire life. I don’t understand why that is, why I was so shy to be proud of my womanhood and my female abilities. I remember in high school when we approached the “reproductive system” in health class, I couldn’t wait to be done with the chapter. I told myself it was awkward and gross. Nursing was something I didn’t want to do, because it was weird. I realize now, that the only reason it was weird is because we grow up feeling like our breasts are mostly for sexual reasons and much less for the support and bonding of our children. We don’t grow up preparing for what our bodies are made to do naturally. For example, we don’t grow up gaining an education on how to take care of your pregnancy, or how to care for yourself after birth. This isn’t in our education system so it is rarely in our knowledge. What is in our mind is the judgment, the expectations.

I saw my body as “okay” during the times it was skinny. I saw my face as “okay” during the times I wore makeup. During the times I gained weight and the times when I was bare-faced, I felt less than “okay”. Can you believe that? I can’t believe it. I can’t believe that I saw myself and my body as something less than it is. Now, I feel the complete opposite. I am so happy to be growing a child inside of me. So happy that even comments such as “Wow! You’re getting big!” and “You’re waddling.” are comments that make me smile. I am SO grateful that I have come to this time. This time in my life where I am learning how amazing my body truly is. It is beautiful, strong, and extremely empowering.


A special thank you to my Husband, my Family, my Midwife, and the many people who support me are helping me learn about my body and it’s abilities.

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You Independent Woman🚺


I came across this picture, and felt so confused. If we are raised to hustle like men and to never depend on men, when do we get the opportunity to be women?

Feminism is a very interesting thing to me. It is defined as “the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.” As a woman I agree completely with the rights of women and the respect that women deserve, however I often find myself in disagreement with the “equality to men” aspect. Some might understand that as if I think that women should not have the same rights, such as voting, as men. That would be incorrect, as I strongly believe that women should be allowed to do what they will.

My disagreement comes in at the point where a woman finds herself competing with a man who wants to care for her. Entirely disregarding the ability that the man has to provide for her, because she has always been taught to be independent. My questions is; where is the line drawn? When are women allowed to be the compassionate, caring, beings that we were created to be? When are women allowed to be independent, yet allow themselves to be cared for?

I find that our society supports women to not only financially provide for themselves, but to reject any offer they receive of a man providing for them. It is nearly a shame for a woman to be a housewife or a stay-at-home mother because society makes her feel as if she is nothing, simply because she takes care of her home.

So much in our human development comes from our experience at home and women have great power in being able to chose what the environment of their homes will be like for their husband and children. This is such a beautiful responsibility that has the ability to empower and strengthen women, if we allow it to. If we do not strip ourselves of our rights, to be the compassionate and caring beings we naturally are.

Independence is another beautiful ability, but I believe that it should be embraced carefully. I am proud of the women who have gone through situations in their lives where they had to step up and provide for their families. They are so strong. Also, I understand that in this economy it is difficult for a family to get by without both parents working. These situations are not ones that I am including in my opinion. I am simply standing up for women who chose to stay at home, and for the women who feel they must work because of the pressure they receive from society.

We have been taught to think that our independence is all that we have, and that we must always guard it. Therefore, we have created shields again men who try to give us our right to stay home. As if they are our enemies. Someone trying to hold us back from being amazing. This is what we are taught and this is why we find ourselves unhappy at the thought of staying home. But it’s okay, it is okay to be the one who cares for the home. “Home is where the heart is” and we women have the ability to be the representation of the home. This is an outstanding job, one that I wish society gave more credit to.