Who I Am


As Salaam Aleykum, Peace be Upon you!

 My name is Sabrina. I am a 21 year old Muslim Somali-American, living in Wisconsin. I am a happy Wife, Daughter, Sister, and future Mother inshaAllah. Along with the many goals in life, I try to work towards a greater relationship with God every day. My opinion is that a simple and thoughtful lifestyle is one of the first steps towards that goal, and that is what my blog is mostly about. During my free time, I enjoy traveling and taking part in all things artistic specifically painting Islamic calligraphy on canvas.

I hope that you enjoy my blog and that you leave comments or questions behind!

With love and patience,



4 thoughts on “Who I Am

  1. Hello Sabrina! I am going to start following your blog to keep up with your journey. Though I have only known you a short time, I have found you to be one of the nicest and most genuine people I have ever met. I look forward to reading your thoughts.


  2. Assalamu alaykum, Sister Sabrina

    I hope you are doing well, Insha’Allah. I absolutely adore your “You tube channel/ website” name (His mercy with Sabr). I also admire the way you keep mentioning about our creator with things that occur in your life and thanking him for his abundant blessings. which is just beautiful to read and get inspired. 🙂
    Alhamdulillah I had found you through Youtube and now Insha’Allah I look forward to read more of your blogs.


    1. Wa Aleykum Salaam!

      Thank you so much; I’m so glad that you like it! I hope that my posts are beneficial to you, it helps me when I express my thoughts and opinions so I appreciate hearing your feedback! Thanks so much for your comment 🙂


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