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I write this post with great concern. Literally, my eyebrows are in distress. I probably should hope it doesn’t cause any wrinkles, but wrinkles should be the last thing on my mind. What is on my mind, is intelligence. I must begin by explaining that I mean no offence to anyone in writing this, however I do feel it is something so necessary to  be aware of.

A couple of weeks ago, my brother asked me if I had heard of a viral video that has been going around titled “Damn, Daniel.” I hadn’t heard of it, so he began explaining what the video was about. There are so many silly videos that go viral, but this one actually made me feel worried about the well-being of my fellow human beings. If you haven’t seen the video and would like to understand where my opinion is coming from, here is the link:

I know that the goal of many young people is to become famous. I also know that young people do silly things that can become hilarious inside jokes. So, I have nothing negative to say about Daniel and his friend. However, what I wonder is “are the people who have found this video entertaining, okay?” Even in the link above, you will see that both boys shake their head in shock of how many people (millions) actually found their video entertaining. They themselves are surprised that their silly inside joke became a hit.

Why is it that such a silly thing can actually entertain the attention of so many people? What is happening to the quality of our mental clarity? I have two ideas that combine into my theory, to answer my questions:

1: Our school system! Yep, our 12 years of schooling is my first theory. You might think I’m loco but there is a book titled “Educating Your Child in Modern Times” that completely backs me up. Here is a simplified explanation: children grow up going to school 5 days a week for 12 years of their lives. In school, they sit in classrooms filled with other children their exact same age. Besides the “education” they are receiving, they are also receiving “social skills” from their fellow classmates. Now, if you are mostly surrounded by people who are your same age, for this majority of time, it is difficult to ever gain maturity skills. This leaves children with childlike and childish mentalities. These children grow into adults, and find themselves with difficulties in adulthood, because they simply have not matured. This creates a problem within the self. The non-matured individual is easily controlled by society which is a problem on a whole new level. If they are easily controlled, they can be easily informed lies by the media, they can be easily encouraged to consume at extremely high rates while never being satisfied, AND (here is the relevant part) they are easy to entertain.

2: We have literally detached from our own selves, to the point that we cannot be left alone with our selves which leads us to being in constant need of entertainment. For some, it may be that they are on a constant “go, go, go” and simply do not know how to relax. For others, they intentionally keep themselves busy so that they do not have to face their racing thoughts. Constant thoughts that we do not know how to control. An actual addiction, to our own thoughts. No peace, no clarity, no reflection.

Some might think “why did she write this post, why should anyone care?” but if you truly think about it, you’ll realize the downward slope… What are your thoughts? Opinions?


2 thoughts on “Intellect.

  1. I couldn’t agree more with your points. I think a large reason for the “go, go, go” mentality is the constant need for entertaining ourselves with technology. I also think that is starting to directly correlate with kids in school and their ability to socialize and mature as real adults as well. I could go on, but both are very solid points.


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